Scientific Manufacturing Assures
Reliable Throughput

SMART Solutions is PMC’s unique, scientific approach to every aspect of product/project development and manufacturing, enabling us to deliver world-class, reliable results to our global customers.  We take scientific manufacturing beyond others' cavity pressure monitoring, following the value stream from material receipt through delivery to our customers.  SMART enables PMC to solve complex problems with technical expertise.  SMART makes us a trusted partner delivering complex, high-quality, hyper-precision components and finished products, plastic molding technology innovation, and quality deep at our core.

For our customers, PMC SMART Solutions
  • Manages and reduces risk
  • Improves speed to market
  • Provides comprehensive, competitive solutions
  • Enables customers to design plastic components and assemblies that were previously not possible
PMC SMART Solutions™ delivers on its promise with proven results for our customers
  • 0 PPM quality levels
  • Reliable, on-time delivery
  • First-time, on-time, 100% to customer specification project launches
  • Scientific data-driven approach provides the foundation for continuous product and process improvements
  • Proprietary applied technology solutions
  • Hyper-precision molded components
  • Extraordinary attention to customers' needs and handling of their life-critical programs

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