SMART Solutions

Our Way of Ensuring Reliable Results.

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A Comprehensive, Scientific Approach to Manufacturing

PMC SMART Solutions™ is the culmination of best practices learned through decades of experience in manufacturing. After extensive research, we developed this highly scientific approach to ensure world-class, reliable results with every aspect of our product/project development and manufacturing processes.

PMC SMART Solutions™ enables us to solve your complex problems with highly technical expertise while ensuring a streamlined, innovative process that facilitates the timely delivery of exceptional projects.

  • Manages and reduces risk

  • Improves speed to market

  • Provides comprehensive, competitive solutions

  • Enables customers to design plastic components and assemblies that were previously not possible

Expert Execution at Every Phase

When seeking solutions that meet your exacting requirements, you need an experienced partner that provides an integrated approach, full capabilities and the highest performance standards. PMC is your team.


PMC SMART Solutions™ provides the technical leadership, innovative processes and focus on quality — purposefully designed to ensure the success of every single project.

  • Technical leadership is essential from the concept phase of a project to its development and final delivery. With PMC as a partner, you can rely on professional, expert technical guidance.

  • PMC SMART Solutions™ offers a specialized winning process that starts with the end in mind. As a result, it provides technical clarity and expedites timelines.

  • An improvement-focused approach drives lean practices, cost-savings solutions and enhanced product quality and performance.

“We were interested in a partner who could help with design aspects of our products. We really appreciated that PMC was able to reverse engineer the product with us, rather than strictly offer manufacturing services.”

A True Partnership With Value

With a team that’s fully behind your success, you can depend on a collaboration that’s marked by transparent communication, agile processes, customizations and shared goals.


At PMC, we act as an extension of your team — one that is equally dedicated as you are to the success of your projects. That means you can be fully confident we are working in sync with you.

  • As part of a partnership with PMC, you will realize the benefits of an experienced team that works with you to ensure that we understand and fulfill your expectations.

  • We believe that your objectives are our objectives, your deadlines are our deadlines and that your success represents our success. We work like you in all aspects.

  • We understand that success means more than meeting product specifications, budgets and deadlines. We work for you by looking for efficiencies and other opportunities.

“Our engineering groups have repeatedly confirmed that PMC is a very capable supplier; their technical know-how is a good fit for our engineering expectations.”

Proven Process That Drives Results

With PMC SMART Solutions™, you gain the advantage of an experienced team and a proven approach that ensures your success from the definition phase to production transfer.


With the complexities involved in your project, you need the assurance that comes from working with a collaborative partner and a proven process.

  • Realize your primary project goals — on spec, on time and on budget — through PMC’s SMART Launch, a disciplined approach that meets quality marks at all phases of your projects.

  • Our process for SMART Production gives you a competitive advantage, including lean manufacturing systems, cost-effective solutions and complete engagement.

  • When you’re able to achieve SMARTER Results, you win. Through a partnership with PMC, you can be confident that your desired outcomes are realized.

“PMC takes care of, and cultivates integrity with their employees. They won’t disguise or hide bad components because that’s not the environment they live in. They live in a very transparent and compliant environment”

Get Started

Contact us to gain the benefits that come with working with a partner experienced in world-class projects — Real Insight, Real Attention and Real Confidence. We’re looking forward to collaborating with you.