Design & Engineering

Involving PMC early in the design-development process ensures SMART results.  PMC SMART Solutions™ guides the design-development process, optimizing customers’ products for long-term, reliable manufacturing and delivery.  We focus on design and product development solutions for manufacturability, assisting customers with new product development, multiple part consolidation, integrated assemblies and metal-to-plastic conversions.

The PMC team also provides manufacturing engineering services, assisting customers to develop and optimize manufacturing systems for complex products.  Our expert engineering staff has decades of experience to support customers’ evaluation of multiple manufacturing solutions for critical applications. PMC considers complete equipment-process design and integration from molding through packaging.

PMC uses SMART tools to provide these solutions:

  • Solid Modeling
  • Specialty Materials Expertise
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Prototyping — Rapid, Low Volume and Initial Production

Since 1929, we have partnered with our customers to make their products more efficient, more reliable and more robust.  The result – PMC SMART Design & Engineering is a long-term, reliable production solution for our customers.

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