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Innovating for the future

PMC is a pioneer in plastic processing and manufacturing innovation, back to our beginning days as one of the first plastic molders and later as a beta site for the earliest scientific molding cavity pressure monitoring systems.  We are a leader, not a follower when it comes to technology development, committed to investing in patentable technologies, and plastic processing, tooling and manufacturing engineering innovations.

PMC applied technology offers unique solutions to customers’ challenging projects, delivering SMART long-term performance.  Our experienced engineering team leads continuous improvement initiatives and new product development programs with our customers, developing new technologies to reduce cost and make our customers’ products more efficient and effective.

Our SMART Tools:

Solid modeling

Specialty material expertise (high temperature, highly-filled, implant)

Mold flow analysis, SolidWorks

Prototyping – rapid, low volume and initial production

In-house 3D printing (product prototypes, EOAT, fixturing)

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